Pippa Middleton’s Behind May Have Been Enhanced

Patients who recently underwent the knife for the Pippa Middleton butt lift may be disappointed to learn of recent suspicions that Pippa may indeed have padded her royal rump on that fateful day when the image of her small hourglass figure was shot.

Either way, the pursuit for the perfect posterior continues. For those desiring a bit more junk-in-the-trunk than Pippa’s padded or non-padded behind, there is a 45 minute minimally-invasive procedure that promises end results of a a  badonkadonk like J.Lo.

The Brazilian Thread-Lift is a two-phased procedure in which individually designed sutures or plastic threads are strung across each buttock. Each thread is said to be placed easily and have cones that cover small knots on the threads. These cones create small fibrotic areas that act as tiny ligaments. After three months, a return visit is required in which the threads are tightened, providing an even lift and a backside worthy of a Destiny’s Child song…if DC still existed.

Check out this youtube video for a more detailed explanation by Dr. Bill Johnson in Texas.