Dior VIII Watch Collection Exclusive to Dubai and Three Other Cities

Eight is considered a lucky number in Chinese. Apparently the House of Dior thought so as well. Dior is located in Paris’s eighth arrondissement and the brand’s new jewelry boutique is situated on 8 Place Vendôme. If this weren’t enough, Dior recently launched the VIII Watch Collection with Charlie Therzon as the brand ambassador and face of the line. Exclusive to only four cities including Dubai, here’s the deal on Dior VIII.

Dior VIII, pronounced with the French term huit for the Roman numeral, is divided into three tiers which Dior professionals relate to the three kinds of essential dresses a woman should have in her closet. Each watch has a black face and a ceramic bracelet with pyramid-shaped links. A core selection of eight day wear timepieces feature black lacquer dials, a signature VIII which marks 8 o’clock, and the bezels which are punctuated in a spiraling pattern with a few diamonds.

The four limited-edition Grand Bal watch designs were inspired by Dior’s haute couture gowns. The bezels sparkle with diamonds while the dials are made in black mother-of-pearl. Called Dior Inversé, these oscillating weights made of white gold and diamonds appear on the dial. As the watch moves the delicate embroidery-like patterns seemingly float across the dial. The movement took around 18 months to develop and was a combined effort between Dior’s horologists: watchmaker Frédéric Jouvenot and the manufacturer Soprod.

Available for around 15,000 AED at your favorite Dior store.