Haute Ambassadors: Kenzo Estate Winery

The sprawling Kenzo Estate Winery, a 4,000-acre property situated on the slopes of Napa’s Mount George, is a renowned local winery whose wines are placed at some of the area’s most prominent eateries. For this issue, we learned more about the wines from the perspective of these world-class restaurants that serve them. These delectable eateries have the full dining experience, from unforgettable cuisine to esteemed sommeliers who pamper diners with the rich flavors of the Kenzo Estate Winery.

Sushi of Gari, New York, New York

The theme of our menu is variety and innovation. With each combination, we aim to condense the essence of various dishes from all over the world into one small piece. The result is a fusion of flavors that excite and stimulate the palate. We place as much importance on wine pairing as we do on the food itself, so we take our wine collection from the best and most creative wineries. We offer all varieties from the Kenzo Estate by the glass and half bottle. Kenzo’s red wine complements our Seared Fatty Tuna, a juicy tuna steak infused with the savory aroma of garlic. Our Tai salad—snapper sushi topped with seasoned mesclun salad and pine nuts—goes perfectly with Kenzo’s fragrant white wine.(www.sushiofgari.com, 212-517-5340)