Haute MD: Dr. Anthony Youn Reveals 13 Procedures You May Not Know About

Plastic Surgeon and author Dr Anthony Youn (frequent guest of Rachael Ray) recently revealed 13 very popular procedures that may or may not surprise you. The following is a list and a brief explanation of what they are:

1. Hi-Def Liposculpture. AKA the six pack. For those of you who have tried everything from the AbMaster to the Flat Belly Diet and still don’t have a washboard like Ryan Reynolds, this may be the procedure for you. A more involved liposuction, this focuses on the removal of superficial and deep fat around the muscle groups allowing the underlying musculature to show.

2. Grin Lift. Has Gravity got you down? Literally? It may take 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, but if you appear to have a perma-scowl this procedure may be able to turn that frown upside down. It involves the removal of small skin triangles from above the corners of your mouth. Dr Youn warns about permanent scars which he says could leave you looking more like Jack Nicholson as The Joker or even worse Jack Nicolson as Jack Nicolson.

3.     Upper Lip Lift. The focus of this surgery is to rejuvenate the area between your nose and upper lift.  It’s essentially fillers in the upper lip. This covers up the natural process of lengthening of the space between the nose and lip. The scarring is very unnoticeable in older patients according to Dr Youn.

4.     Bra line back lift. AKA “bread back”. Back rolls get the best of us all eventually. Liposuction can be used to alleviate this problem, however sometimes leaves unwanted loose skin. This procedure is designed to leave you with a flatter back as the actual “rolls” are removed. Small scars remain near the bra line area.

5.     Umbilicoplasty. It’s been reported that close to 10% of the population have outie belly buttons and while I think they are cute and unique, not everyone who has one feels that way. As is apparent by the advent of this procedure. Since an outie is actually a small umbilical hernia, this surgery involves a small incision on the surface of the belly button that turns it into an innie.

6.     Buccal Lipectomy. Those chubby cheeks were adorable as a kid, but no longer serve their purpose, unless storing nuts for the winter is your thing. Hence, this surgery, which involves a small incision in the cheek to remove fat. The minor procedure causes hollows out the cheeks and adds contour.

7.     Jawline reduction. A defined jaw is attractive, but sometimes one can have too wide of a jaw (i.e.-Maria Shriver). When there is overgrowth of the masseter muscle, the muscle used for chewing, Botox can be injected into it and directly decrease its size. Patients report seeing results within a month of the injection and it usually lasts for 6 months.

8.     Gummy Smile Repair. Unless you are Mr. Ed, too much gum in your smile is not the most attractive feature. Dentists have their own fix, but plastic surgeons have had success with a technique that involves cutting into the muscles that lift the lip and inserting an implant. The procedure is relatively quick (one hour) and has very little downtime.

9.     Jawline reduction/advancement. This procedure is not for the faint of heart. Your jaw is broken in two places and then set back (or forward) depending on the needs. It is specifically for people who have a jaw that is too big or too small or for anyone who just wants to reflect on that one time you were beat up in high school. Ouch.

10.  Eyelash transplants. Size definitely does matter and there is no denying that big eyelashes are in. Everywhere you turn, you hear about LATISSE, extensions and LashDip. As we age, hair thins and it’s inevitable that it may happen to your eye lashes. And although this procedure is pretty self explanatory, it is worth noting that transplanted eyelashes must be regularly trimmed and curled as they grow long and straight.

11.  Dimple Creation. Not everyone can have adorable dimples ala Jennifer Garner…or can they? Thanks to a procedure that involves a small incision on the inside of the mouth and a suture between the buccinators muscle and cheek skin, you can. The dimple is natural looking and, like a real dimple, only appears when you smile.

12.  Nipple and areola reduction. For those self-conscious about having extra long nipples or extra wide areolas, there is a fix of which neither is pleasant to talk about. The former involves cutting off the tip of the nipple (double ouch) or by removing skin at the nipple base (a little better). Areola reduction is done by removing some of the periphery of the skin (think of a donut or a tire) and suturing it up smaller.

13.  Surgery for the nether regions. The newest trend involves sprucing up the goods. A range of procedures for women include labial skin reduction, tightening of the vaginal canal and G spot enlargement. A Beverly Hills doc named Dr David Matlock is known in the market for his registered and trademarked “G Shot.” How very clever. And the ladies are not the only ones nipping and tucking down below. Procedures including cutting a ligament and then suspending it from a weight for six months are in demand. I am pretty sure I saw a scene in a movie like that once, but I think it had to do with fraternity rush.