The Maldives’ $500 Million “Green” Island and Underwater Golf Course

The government of the Maldives islands has proposed plans to construct a floating golf course and convention center which is actually designed to tackle the threat of global warming. These synthetic floating islands will feature technologies such as water desalination, water cooling, and the use of floating solar blanket fields. Equipped with underwater tunnels that will attach the holes and pieces together, this golf course will allow people to experience the reef up close and personal.

A Dutch firm, Dutch Docklands, has been asked by the government to explore the probability of developing one of many facilities located among the 26 main islands. Troon Golf has also offered their expertise in the physical design of the golf course. This revolutionary off shore development is the start of what could be the first of many.

This golf course will be placed five minutes from Male International Airport, making it a quick trip for those awaiting connecting flights. The Republic of the Maldives hopes that this will increase tourism revenues, which is the biggest contribution to the country’s economy.

With an estimated cost of $500 million, it is due to be completed in 2015.

Images: : Conceptual design by Koen Olthuis Waterstudio.NL/Dutch Docklands