And The Winner is…Aggressive, Yet Elegant Acura

 The new model also features a high-flow exhaust system that increases the engine’s power efficiency.

For 25 years, the name Acura has been synonymous with comfort, luxury, and unmatched customer satisfaction. Throughout its comparatively short, but well-storied history, Acura has brought us some of the world’s most successful selling car models in the world. And although we as haute editors love a pimped-out Escalade for a night on the town or an antique Ferrari for a Sunday afternoon drive, there’s something special about the new Acura 2012 TL that has lured us in. It’s safe, and (dare we say) practical; and yet still makes us marvel in the name of luxury.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

After taking some heat for some minor design flaws on its 2009-11 TL, Acura has not only owned up to its mistake, but has proceeded to make significant improvements to its 2012 TL. The new model was even ranked number one by ALG for best resale value in its class.

Compared the Audi S4, which is similar to the TL in its class, the Acura cabin is significantly more striking. The dashboard is draped in symmetrical curves trimmed with a chic black-on-silver dot-matrix-patterned aluminum, which offsets any blinding glares from the sun. The grille wears a set of gloss-black wings tucked below the shield, which help to break up the negative space underneath the body of the car. Not only does this make the vehicle more visually appealing, but has contributed to a 5.4 percent reduction in the car’s drag.

Aggressive, Yet Elegant

Boasting a 3.5-liter VTEC V-6 engine, the 2012 Acura TL delivers 280 hp and 254 lbs-foot of torque. The new model also features a high-flow exhaust system that increases the engine’s power efficiency. Moreover, a unique Drive-by-Wire throttle system, recalibrated electric power steering wheel, and an upgrade to a six-speed transmission (available in automatic or manual) all contribute to making the car ride smoothly and responsively. And through these performance enhancements, the TL now delivers an impressive 29mpg HWY.

Inside, the car is similarly remarkable: spacious, with leather seating, climate control, and no detail or storage compartment gone forgotten. The driver even enjoys a 10-way power seat, which ensures optimal comfort for drivers of all sizes.

A Little Something Extra

And of course, we never like to compromise on the little extras that make an auto become a hauto. Soft, perforated Milano Premium Leather seating is available, along with a keyless start, rearview camera, and blind spot information system. Optional ELS Surround Sound System and Song by Voice applications are also available along with a special voice-recognition navigation system complete with GPS-linked temperature control, and convenient AcuraLink Real-Time traffic and weather.

Still not convinced? Stop by your local Acura dealer to test drive in the 2012 Acura TL. You can see for yourself just how right we are. The only hard decision then will be black, red, or silver?