Twinkle Toes

When it comes to anything Salvatore Ferragamo-branded, there are a few things one has come to expect, demand even.  From ready to wear to accessories, the aesthetic has always remained one of subtle luxury, deeply rooted in Italian tradition, and employing the help of only the very best fabrications in order to deliver a consistently spot-on product line up. Most recently, the fashion house has upped the ante; teaming up with famed crystal brand, Swarovski, in a marriage that resulted in the creation of a shoe whose skeleton screams Ferragamo, but which has been sprinkled, doused if you will, in black crystals. The limited edition shoes are a primary example of how the Ferragamo brand is moving decidedly into the future, tackling trends armed with rich history, mega brand awareness, and, of course, Swarovski crystals.

Limited edition, Swarovski-encrusted men’s lace-up loafer, $2,950, at Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques.