Haute Secrets: Chef Tony DiSalvo

NAME: Tony DiSalvo

The Stats: Born in New York City, and is now one of the most innovative chefs in Los Angeles

Why He Loves Los Angeles: Diversity

Tony DiSalvo, the executive chef of Whist, inside the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, California. He has turned Whist’s into one of the most renowned Mediterranean influenced restaurants in the nation.  Before his time at the Viceroy he spent seven years at Jean Georges, from 1997 to 2004, working from a line cook to the last three years as executive chef.  After that, in 2004, he opened Jack’s in La Jolla, California where he spent a few years before moving back to New York to cook as a private chef for five years.  Tony moved back to Southern California in 2009 to join the team at Whist.

Moving back to California brought about its own benefits for Tony, as his career has been taking off ever since he became executive chef. He is now, and deservingly seen, as one of the Los Angeles’ most promising chefs, and proves this to be true with his delicious cuisine, and his charm to sale his dish with his passionate soul, and genuine love for the culinary arts.

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