Chopard Unveils 85-Carat Diamond, Enough Said

As a world of consumers easily distracted by glittery things, it’s no wonder my attention instantly shifted once receiving word of the latest gem unveiled by the House of Chopard. Weighing in at a whopping 85-carats, the emerald-cut diamond marked by purity and great whiteness is rivaled only by some of the world’s biggest diamonds: the legendary Koh-I-Noor, the 105.6-carat Golconda diamond set on the crown of England, or the Regent, formerly worn by Queen Marie-Antoinette and currently preserved in the Louvre Museum.

What turns out to be a precisely 85.28-carat stone takes its place in the IIA class with approximately only 1% of all diamonds. “Stones of such perfection and such size historically originate from the Indian mines of Golconda, which were indeed the only known diamond mines until the 19th century. Renowned for their perfect white color, their distinctive luster and their transparency, Golconda diamonds are among the most sought-after and celebrated in the world,” was how Chopard representatives so accurately put it.

Chopard entrusts this precious gem to none other than Co-President of the House and Creative Director, Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, who travels the world to find such treasures and employs the help of designers in the Haute Joaillerie department to create the kinds of pieces for which Chopard is so highly exhaulted.

We look greatly forward to finding ourselves once again distracted once designs are born of the inspiration one surely takes from the glistening glimmer of an 85-carat rock.