Tapas and Tequilla at Philly’s New Kokopelli

While it might not ring a bell, most of are familiar with the image of the kokopelli. No? Google it. Because if you’ve been to a Dave Matthews concert, you know it quite well. Shaking his dreadlocks and playing something that resembles my 4th grade music class recorder, the 3000-year-old fertility symbol became popular in Southwest culture, and through that round-about journey has become the face of Philly’s latest tapas and tequila destination … Kokopelli.

Tapas are designed for sharing, and with a vast menu full of tempting little bites, you’ll be glad it’s acceptable to order six items at once. Creations from Chef Gina Rodriquez, direct from California and Arizona, include ahi tuna crudo with garlic and avocado crema, bison sliders topped with nutty manchego cheese and mushroom and caramelized onion tamales. They also serve up delish yucca and plantain chips with three zesty salsas, a great way to sneak in some fruits and veggies while imbibing at the bar.

Speaking of the bar — a sleek white number with rotating colored back-lighting — how does upwards of 50 tequilas sound? Order your fave, or get a mini education by order a flight that delivers a blanco, reposado and anejo version of the same brand. Or dump your pick into a signature blend — we’d go for the blood orange martini, served with a rim of black smoked salt. A small but decent menu of wines and beers by the glass are also available, including single servings of Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label, a rare find.

Kokopelli is located at 1904 Chestnut St., 215.557.7510, www.kokopelliphilly.com.