St. Barths: Where to Eat, Drink, and Play

After being spoiled in St. Barths, returning to reality hasn’t been easy. Not only was the island just so beautiful and clean but the yacht I was staying on was such a treat–a real life fairytale. Eating fantastic food at every meal with Greek men that looked like Gods (and they were down to earth!), going to the beaches of St. Barths (my favorite being Saline), having the most amazing cocktails, and dancing the nights away at places like Yacht Club and Le Ti. Not having to lift a finger for a week was a nice change of pace, but alas I must return to my life in Los Angeles.

Incase you find yourself in St. Barths in the near future I would suggest going to these places at least once!

Nikki Beach–for lunch and some time in the sun. We laid out and drank Bellinis at this super stylish place of Miami and St. Tropez fame.

Lorient Beach–Excellent for Surfing. The boys went here everyday to catch waves. Across the street is Jojo Burger, a snack bar where many of the surfers grab a bite!

The Strand–great for dinner! And make sure to sit outside. It is romantically lit and such a beautiful atmosphere. The food was fantastic. I had the Dover Sole in lemon butter sauce, drool!

Yacht Club–for dancing. This was a lot of fun. We danced, took a bunch of photos, and it’s on the water facing all the anchored yachts. You feel like you’re on a dock!

Le Ti–for dinner/dancing. This place was  crazy! We had amazing food, lots of wine and to end dinner, you’re encouraged to dance on the tables! There is a back room where you can buy costumes as well, people dress as sailors, pirates, goddesses, etc.

I would also suggest going to Gustavia Harbor where I stayed. Seeing all the 250+ foot yachts is quite mind-blowing. There are lots of cute and quaint Parisian style restaurants and even better stores to shop at like Hermes, Cartier, etc.