Haute 100 Los Angeles Update: James Cameron

Our Haute 100 list details the accomplishments of the most influential people in each of our markets—Miami,New YorkLos Angeles, and San Francisco. These people continue to make moves, so rather than waiting for the next Haute 100 issue to come out, we thought we’d provide you with regular updates on those Haute 100 members who are making headlines. James Cameron continues to build upon his dynamic experience with and enthusiasm for 3-D film, and his newest effort, “Sanctum,” is sure to attract multi-dimensional attention.

James Cameron

Industry: Film

Category: Originators

What Made Him Haute: The director’s name is synonymous with big blockbuster hits with films like “Titanic,” which raked in some $1.8 billion worldwide and took home 11 Oscars, including Best Picture. Cameron proved once again he can do no wrong with what became the “Avatar” phenomenon; the movie grossed $2.7 billion worldwide. Without adjusting inflation, these two films are the two highest-grossing films of all time.

What Makes Him Haute Now: In the decade following “Titanic” raking in box-office cash, James Cameron quietly (relative to his usually audible presence) pursued film advancements in underwater exploration. A passion of his from early-childhood (and serving as inspiration for the now-famous terrain in “Avatar”), the ocean-deep is finally at the forefront of Cameron’s 3-D film endeavors.

Using the same technology pioneered for Avatar- — refined camera utility and specifications — James Cameron and crew filmed “Sanctum” along the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Cameron is a professional frontiersman, of sorts, constantly striving for more sophisticated drama-technology cohesion. The technicians in “Sanctum” gracefully implemented their extreme instruments to match the film’s extreme setting, and Cameron promises an engaging storyline to boot. With the debut of “Sanctum” in a few short weeks (Feb. 4), Cameron invests yet another symbol of passionate expertise in the world of film. In spite of the multivariate plot-reviews to come, Cameron’s drive remains doubtless.

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