Haute Secrets Boston: Vijay Daryanani

Haute Secrets Boston

Name: Vijay Daryanani

The stats: Born in Wakefield, MA, lived in the Boston area all of his life; attended Northeastern University.

Why he loves Boston: It’s quaint and cultured.

Vijay Daryanani is a man who never appears to sleep, which seems remarkably absurd as he always has boundless energy for any endeavor he takes on. VIP Club Promoter by night and Clinical Sports Specialist by day, Vijay is in the business of making sure people feel great. Working at Shaughnessy-Kaplan Rehabilitation Hospital in Salem, MA he makes sure his clients stay healthy, fit and limber. His VIP services at V-Fit Productions give club goers the full VIP treatment Friday nights at Saint (90 Exeter St., Boston) and at Saturday nights at Venu (100 Warrenton St., Boston)

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