Haute Kissing

A simple kiss can mean hello, goodbye, do not go and I love you. A kiss can express emotions of love, passion, affection, respect and friendship. It is safe to say it all starts with a kiss and ends with one, for that matter.

However, recently there has been a bevy of celebrity break-ups and I cannot help but to stop and wonder if they forgot to start with a kiss. Are you breaking up because you kissed too little, or too much (of the wrong person)? I think it is a safe bet that we can blame it on the retrograding of the planet Venus, which has definitely caused a downswing in the love department. If you are feeling these effects do not worry because I have something to cause your pout to pucker once again.

Kissaholic is a Aphrodisiac Plumping Lip Gloss made with a mixture of shea butter, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, ginger root, passion flower and “the love molecule” phenylethylamine. It has high gloss sheen that is not sticky in the least  and can be layered or worn alone. These 6 yummy flavors answer to the names of Shiver, Tremble, Faint, Swoon, Throb and Sigh. Kissing can apparently be addictive, but a lady never kisses and tells.

Until next time my friends, visit www.raylenebartolacci.com. To health and wellness, salute.