Haute Designs: The Magni Home Collection

You have been neglecting your luxury home. Why do I throw this statement at you? Well because there is nothing in it from one of the leading luxury designers of this decade: James Magni.

More specifically you should be checking out the Magni Home Collection: a line up of luxury pieces that range from sofas to coffee tables.

Some of my personal favorite pieces from the Magni Home Collection are shown below in the photos. After each photo is a description in the own words of the designer James Magni about each product.

Below are quotes from James Magni about some of my favorite pieces I chose within the Magni Home Collection.

Monogram Coffee Table: “This table was inspired by a fabulous pair of cuff links my father use to wear. One day while I was sketching design ideas, I remembered the ‘M’ — simple, silver, and classic, which inspired the whole design.”

Beekman Place Cabinet: “I was wandering the streets of New York one day and got a little off track. I realized that what I was suddenly surrounded by beautiful architecture and nature. I was fascinated by the Beekman Place area of the city, which inspired the name of this piece.”

Nolita Couch: “Also a piece inspired by New York. Nolita is an edgy, emerging, extremely creative community, which to me feels very modern.  The couch is reflective of the modern feel with the clean lines, but is incredibly comfortable and cozy.”

To learn more about the Magni Home Collection please visit: Magni.com