Haute Beauty: Biologique Recherche Exclusive at the Standard Spa

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, a vitamin-enriched exfoliating potion that gently purifies, hydrates, and restores the PH balance.

The French skin care line coveted by A-listers, international jetsetters, and celebrities has made its way to Miami Beach. The latest offering at the Standard Spa is Biologique Recherche, the refined, natural, clinical skin care product line and professional procedures that use plants, herbs, and other natural extracts.

The Standard is the only place in town that offers these high-end beauty products line and treatments; so of course, I wanted the personalized facial treatment Biologique Recherche has been known for perfecting for 30-some years.

The Biologique Recherche service menu is quite large and indulgent at the Standard Spa, but I settled on the Repairer Energy treatment (see details below). The Standard spa facialist, who is masterfully trained in the Biologique Recherche procedures, began by cleansing my face with the line’s Lait E.V. Cleansing Milk and Lotion P50, a vitamin-enriched exfoliating potion that gently purified, hydrated, and restored the PH balance in my face and neck. The lotion left a tingling and numbing sensation on my skin, but only for a few seconds and it was ever so gentle.

The Standard Spa facialist in the meantime told me more about my skin than I’ve ever known and offered practical tips for anti-aging, daily skin maintenance. The facialist applied the Masque VIP 02, Sérum Elastine Pure, Emulsion Originelle Régénérante, and Crème VIP O2. The best part, however, was the Biologique Recherche booster (Soin Restructurant et Lissant), which instantaneously had a lifting effect, reducing the crinkles under my eyes and the creases on my neck for up to a week afterwards—and without any invasive treatment.

The gentle and effective Biologique Recherche facial treatment didn’t leave my skin feeling raw or face red. After a gentle and relaxing facial rub down, I left with glowing, baby soft skin and an armful of Biologique Recherche products. A trip to the Standard’s famous Hamman sanctuary for some hydrotherapy and steam completed the beautification afternoon at the Standard Spa.

The Standard Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach


Repairer Energy – 60 minutes, $160; 75 minutes, $200; $90 minutes, $240

This healthy-aging firming facial repairs the skin on a cellular level using the most advanced tissue-regulated technology available. Gentle non-invasive current duplicates your own body’s energy, assists and repairs cellular imbalances. It improves the skin’s texture and tone by scanning for cells that are not functioning at their peak and stimulates them toward optimal function. Skin re-hydrates, fine lines soften, muscles firm and lift, dark circles lighten and puffiness is reduced almost instantly. A special focus on a specific area is part of every facial.

The Standard Custom – 60 minutes, $125

Customized to repair and nourish your face and neck, this intensive and holistic facial reinforces and rebuilds at the cellular level. White and green tea extracts, vitamins A and E, and bioactive, organic and raw ingredients penetrate and work below the surface where it really counts. Personalized for all skin types. A truly customized regimen of Biologique Recherche products is incorporated into this service.


Standard Lift – 20 minutes, $90 with any facial

Uniquely targeted regenerative treatment that includes non-invasive current and custom blended serums: enhancing skin by firming, nourishing, energizing and re-sculpting that simply puts your skin—right.

Crystal-Boost – 20 minutes, $90 with any facial

Magic hands manually work crystals and customized serums into your skin—to smooth lines, polish skin’s surface and stimulate cell renewal and regeneration. The results are glowing: restored luster and clarified skin.

A customized combination of the following Biologique Recherche products are used to suit each client’s needs:

Resurface – 20 minutes, $65 with any facial

Get results quickly and safely with this Gentle Marine Peel Add-On that gently exfoliates, smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles and combats photo-damage. A synergistic blend of botanically based Alpha Hydroxy Acids is followed by an application of mineral-rich marine extracts. Not recommended for sunburned or sensitive skin types!

Biologique Recherche Masque Exfoliant P50 Visage is used.

Revital-Eyes – 15 minutes, $40 with any facial

A special treatment that gently exfoliates and hydrates the delicate eye and lip areas. Gentle massage improves skin tone and minimizes fine lines while increasing circulation to eliminate dark circles and puffy eyes. A cooling and hydrating botanical mask leaves eyes energized and with immediate visible results.


Oxygenating + Slimming Body Treatment – 60 minutes, $160

Start this body ritual in the hamam with a detoxifying bath. Pure botanical oils with oxygenating and slimming properties are massaged into the skin with “le gant” massage glove for optimal circulatory and exfoliating results. Followed by a cooling firming cream concentrate to tone the skin and then activate on the warm marble bed of the hamam. Complete with hydrotherapy session, sauna, steam and relaxation time.