To Moscow with Love

The new movie-almanac Moscow, I Love You has opened in Russian capital. After falling in love with Paris and New York, now anyone can try falling in love with Moscow. And recent premiere was a good opportunity for Moscow lovers and city dwellers to express their feelings.

Just like Paris, I Love You, and New York, I Love You, the film consists of several episodes united by one mutual theme. Altogether there are 18 romantic and touching five-minute novellas by 18 directors. The plot of each short film represents a striking moment from the capital’s life about people’s attitudes, about love, meetings, and discoveries. Eventually the project gathered several generations of filmmakers, from 30 to 90 years old, which gives a profound angle to the perception of the city spirit and the film in general.

“All of these individual stories make up a film history of Moscow and its people,” said Yegor Konchalovsky, the producer of the film and one of its directors. “Every story contains an optimistic and positive message. I cannot say that our film is a systematic, self-conscious and complete panorama. Rather, it is an anthology that builds upon different views of aesthetics, production methods and editing. Each director has his own set of actors; each has complete artistic control of his segment.”

Konchalovsky and his team worked on the film for two years. They say it was a hard process to unite very different stories.

The film was released just in time to coincide with the 863rd birthday of Moscow. And the movie promises to be a big hit.