The Philadelphia Collection Glams Up The City

Photo courtesy of FBH The Agency & Philadelphia Fashion Week

Have you noticed that Philly seems a little more fashionable lately? The hot new Fall trends have something to do with it, but you can also thank the city’s most trendy boutiques and shops, which are currently in the midst of a 10-day fashion frenzy dubbed The Philadelphia Collection.

The Collection itself is a group of more than 40 shops and organizations dedicated to beautiful little things. The event, running September 23 to October 2, is a way to bring them together, celebrate their passions and help decorate Philadelphians in the process. Self-created, self-supported and full of Philly pride, it’s the perfect example of how our city’s fashion scene is taking the express elevator to the penthouse.

So how can you join in on the fun? Clear your calendar and start checking in at the many Collection-sponsored soirees throughout town.

Our suggestions?

Tomorrow, why not spend your afternoon at the Rittenhouse Square flagship store of LAGOS, enjoying their newest line, “Passion,” and sipping cocktails?  Monday perhaps you’ll head to XIX for the Nicole Miller VIP Fashion Show, where the Fall 2010 Sportswear line will be on display. Tuesday grab your man and head to Brooks Brothers for custom shirt fittings and access to exclusive fabrics in from their New York store. Wednesday, September 29, head to Macy’s to meet America’s Next Top Model‘s Nigel Barker as he hosts their fall fashion show. September 30, be sure to bring your invite to La Bella Vita, an evening of beautiful Italian clothes, cars and people at Boyd’s. Ring in October with our favorite Smak Parlour, which will have a DJ, festive drinks and their holiday line on hand for guests. And to end the party on October 2, why not check out the reservations-only catwalk show at Banana Republic?

There’re also plenty of deals and specials going on through the entire celebration, including a must-view exhibit at The Philadelphia Free Library on the fashion of the ’60s, Mad Men-style.

Head to for the full list and all the details. Then break out your new, hot, over-the-knee boots, and help show just how fashionable Philly really is.