Haute Bath Bombs: Good Enough to Eat

Though your diet may tell you to drop the doughnut or put down the cupcake, you can now take your sweet tooth and bad habits to the bathtub. Thanks to new creations in bath bombs that almost look good enough to eat, you can now enjoy the finer things in life without paying for it in your waistline.

Blackberry Bath Bomb
The cosmetics store completely devoted to handmade soaps and skincare has officially outdone themselves. Though their creations already looked good enough to eat, their line of bath bombs with clever names and yummy smells is the perfect way to indulge. Such bath bombs include the sex bomb and the butterball, but a personal favorite remains the blackberry. The purple bath bomb described as being “fruity with a balsamic note” may turn your bathtub water purple, but for good reason. Once you throw this bath bomb in, you’ll soon realize why you love the color purple.

LUSH is located at 312 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif.
LUSH products can also be found online (lushusa.com)

Banana Split Bubble Bar
Thanks to the Candied Bath Bubble Bakery, those of us who didn’t exactly follow our New Years resolution fitness plans can bask in the aroma of a banana split without actually having to eat it. The yellow bath bomb adorned in colored sprinkles will turn any bath into a haven for bubbles while delivering hints of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Though the banana split bath bomb is to die for, other edible concoctions include sugar cookies bomb, lemon meringue bath melt and the orange creamsicle bath bar.

Products can be found at Candied Bath Bubble Bakery (candied.ca)

Hot Mess Cupcake Bath Bomb
If you are feeling like a hot mess lately thanks to one too many cupcakes, The Primping Parleur knows exactly how you feel. Instead of creating edible goodies, those at the Parleur offer edible replicas like the Hot Mess Cupcake Bath Bomb that blends flavors of peach and magnolia to create the ultimate bathing experience. The bath bomb company (Feeling Smitten) not only created the hot pink cupcake adorned in glitter and sprinkles, but also created a line of mini cupcake bath bombs and boxed sets.

Feeling Smitten Cupcake Bath Bombs can be found at The Primping Parleur (primpingparleur.com)