Sotheby’s: Synonymous with Quality

Perkins, who has been an agent for the company since 2001, also attests to the fine guidance from the top. “I can’t even begin to expound the type of support our company gives its agents. From ad and media exposure to Internet opportunities, I can’t imagine any other company would be able to do the same.”

In fact, according to the independent web analytics provider Compete, Sotheby’s International Realty’s proprietary websites drive more traffic than any other residential real estate networks targeting high-end buyers. and together receive over three times more visitors than their closest competitor.

Sotheby’s International Realty’s powerful global recognition sets it apart from other real estate businesses. With 10,000 affiliated sales associates in 500 offices in 38 countries, they are truly the global experts in property sales, attracting homebuyers and sellers from coast to coast, stateside to over international waters.

“I can take the Montage Residences to London or the W Hollywood to Hong Kong,” Symons says. “Other companies can’t deliver like we can. We have direct links to all of the offices in our network at all times. We know their properties; they know ours.”

It’s that international exposure that drew Perkins to come work here. “They had that cache—the elegance and resources for international exposure,” she says. “You go overseas and people know who Sotheby’s is. The name is synonymous with quality.”

Of course, the Sotheby’s name is a powerful seller itself. Since 1744, the brand has carried the tune of perfection, prestige, and being of the finest in fine art, antiques, collectibles, and luxury homes. “When people think of Sotheby’s, they know we can be entrusted in things of value—from decorative art to fine homes,” says Symons. “That’s why they reach out to us for these special properties.”

In fact, a client from London who walked into the Beverly Hills office recently is now working with agents there to look at multi-million dollar properties. “What brought him in was the name,” Symons says.

Sotheby’s is also the world’s oldest international auction house, and its unique relationship with Sotheby’s International Realty provides the real estate company with access to the most affluent consumers. “Here’s what we can do as a company,” Symons explains. “I represented the Montage Residences Beverly Hills at an exhibition at the auction house in London during the biggest sale of the season. We had a great reception.” Sotheby’s International Realty will also take the Residences at W Hollywood to the Hong Kong auction sale in October.

Contrary to the housing trends in other parts of the United States, the market is booming, not crashing, on the West Coast. And the Sotheby’s International Realty Western Region is growing, but doing it wisely.

“We are always interested in expanding the brand where it services our clients and fits our company,” says its Executive VP. “But we expand in the appropriate markets at the appropriate times.”

The pinnacle of the industry is indeed Sotheby’s. “I deeply believe in the brand,” Symons says. “It’s amazing to come to work each day and know you work for a brand that was created in 1744. We have huge pride in this company, and we want to make sure we nurture it, preserve it, and grow it. Agents join us because they get it.”