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Out of the Humidor: Camacho Liberty 201

Small production and great quality have made Camacho a favorite among cigar aficionados since 1961. The Camacho philosophy has always been to stay true to its heritage and honor the land from where the tobacco is grown, while providing a simple, dominant experience.

In 2002, Camacho first offered its annual limited edition collection (one size, one blend) using the best tobaccos available. Just as a particular wine’s vintage runs its course, so too do the limited runs of Camacho Liberty. This year’s blend epitomizes the Camacho experience—straightforward, rich, and fabulously tasting tobacco.

The shape is unique to Camacho, resembling a snake that has just swallowed a rat. It is the fullest bodied Liberty edition of late and is composed of a blend of Honduran and Dominican filler tobaccos, a Honduran binder, and Honduran wrapper.  Not only do these cigars sell out quickly, but they are always sought after by collectors long after they’ve been released.

Packed individually and in boxes of 20 for $16.60 per stick, they are available for a limited time at premium tobacconists and www.camachocigars.com. – Michael Herklots