Tremble and Tone With Philly’s New Pure Barre

When I was little — let’s say around 6 years old — I was a ballerina. Sure, it was a one-hour class once a week in which I confused first and second positions and picked at my leotard, but by all definitions, I was a ballerina. I had the shoes, I had the bun and most importantly, I had time on the barre. I was never one for floor work, instead preferring each class’s warm-ups during which we lined up in a perfect blank-and-pink row, plieing and releveing in attempted unison. It was good fun, so when I heard that Pure Barre, a fitness studio offering classes that revolve around that lovely wooden dowel, had opened its first Northeast location in Philadelphia, my interest was piqued.

A little research, however, proved this would not be child’s play. Pure Barre’s method picks up moves from ballet and Pilates, creating an exercise routine focused on small muscle groups doing isometric movements. The result is a workout that hits those classic problem areas — abs, thighs and butt — quickly. Just how quickly? According to Pure Barre, you’ll see results in about 10 classes.

Another plus is the routine’s low-impact promise, allowing those with bad joints or various injuries to still get a quality work out.

If you are a dedicated Yogi looking for a class with more muscle, this may be the place. The word is that holding each of the moves requires so much concentration, you ultimately block out tomorrow’s early meeting and the fight with your mother. Tighter abs and a clearer conscious, all thanks to the barre.

With a post-baby belly bugging me and a shore trip just weeks away, you can bet you’ll find me there soon. Don’t worry, I’ll leave the tutu at home.

Pure Barre is located at 1701 Walnut Street, Fourth Floor, Philadelphia, 267.234.7825, Classes are $23 each, unlimited access for new clients is $100 for 30 days.