Accessorize with M. Flynn

On a quiet, mainly residential street in the gem-filled South End of Boston resides the sweet home of M. Flynn accessories.  A space that feels reminiscent of an elegantly quaint seaside retail find, M. Flynn offers one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry pieces comprised of crystals, semi-precious stones and pearls delicately touched with gold. The low price baubles offer delicate touches to any ensemble and are suitable to young ladies as well as they are to more mature women.

The sister duo, Megan and Moria, own the shop and have had a life-long love of jewelry growing up in a quiet town in Maine.  Their shop specializes in weddings, offering stunning and unique pieces to finish off the well-arranged bridal ensemble perfect for the bride-to-be or as gifts for bridesmaids to wear of the day of the ceremony.

The sisters have taken a particular interest in their grandmother’s extensive costume jewelry collection and have refashioned many of her pieces into a modern marvels, still reminiscent of the age and innocence of the 50’s and early 60’s.

If you happen to have a piece in mind that you can’t quite find (despite your hours of shopping about town and online) M. Flynn will create a custom piece for you.  Give them a call for a sitting to design the piece you have been dreaming of. Or, have them rework a piece you have tucked away in your jewelry box that isn’t quite your style, but could quickly become a favorite with some expert reworking.

Location: 40 Waltham St., South End, Boston 617.292.0079