Sweet Sensations: The Haute 5 Ice Cream Shops in Dallas

Triple digit temperatures mean only one thing: It’s August in Dallas, and it’s ice cream season.  But don’t restrict yourself with only one kind of cool treat…ice cream comes in many forms. Melt away the heat with these delectable sweets.

Pokey O’s

Blue Bell ice cream is the most popular brand in Texas, so it’s no wonder Pokey O’s concept took off in 2006. Here’s the scoop: take two of their homemade cookies, squeeze one of their 15 Blue Bell ice cream flavors in between, and voila. The original Pokey O. My favorite: Strawberry ice cream in between White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies. Trust me.

Pokey O’s, 3034 Mockingbird Lane, 214.987.1200, www.pokeyos.com

Orange Cup

Ah, Orange Cup. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: smooth, delicious, fruity and so much kinder on my thighs than your creamy counterpart. Orange Cup offers non-fat yogurt in three yummy flavors: Natural, Zum and Acaiberry (try the Zum for a vitamin C and B12 boost with an extra kick of Taurine. Bye bye, Red Bull.)

Orange Cup, for a full list of Dallas locations visit www.myorangecup.com

Aunt Stelle’s Sno-Cones

You can’t get more classic than this. A childhood fave, this Oak Cliff Sno Cone shop has been kickin’ every summer since possibly the Cold War. Open from 2pm to 9pm seasonaly, the family-owned shop still boasts their Pop Eye and Beatle flavored cones (you just have to try it). Cash only, and get there before 9 p.m. (note the warning sign, above.)

Aunt Stelle’s Sno-Cones, 2002 W. Clarandon Dr., 214.946.1431

Natsumi Gelato + Frozen Yogurt

Not loving the “cream” part of ice cream? Gelato is your way to go, and Natsumi offers up some sorbetti too, all made from natural, organic ingredients. Try from a variety of 50 exotic flavors from two hemispheres, from Dulce de Leche and Panna Cotta to Green Tea and Mung Bean. They’ve got some great smoothies and frozen yogurt as well.

Natsumi Gelato + Frozen Yogurt, 2323 N. Henderson Ave Suite 105, 214.823.1707, www.natsumiusa.com


Sure there’s custards, gelatos and sno cones, but Henry’s wants to convince you that old fashioned ice cream is really where it’s at. Case in point, their slogan: Ice cream makes you pretty. Looking for an extensive menu? They’ve got over 1000 flavors, plus the capability to custom create anything your sweet tooth desires.

Henry’s, 2909 W. 15th Street, 972-612-9949, www.henryshomemadeicecream.com