Suiting up in Duca Sartoria

Looking sharp and successful does take work, but the end product ought to look effortless. For those of you who may have missed some of the advice I’ve offered in the past, I went through my archives and picked out some of the top tips that every well-dressed man should know. To read the original columns in their entirety, head to and search for “Suiting up in Duca Sartoria.” Follow this advice and be the best dressed man in any room you enter.


Duca Sartoria
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Tip 1: Travel

If you have to pack light, pack a gray suit made up of a heavy mix of wool and kid mohair. The fabric is wrinkle-free and the look is acceptable for both day and night. For a formal effect, pair it with a tie, or for a more laid-back occasion, wear it over a classic open shirt, which is both stylish and comfortable.

Tip 2: Beat the Heat

To keep your cool during the last days of summer, opt for light shades and fabrics. The summer’s trend of cotton pants with fine stripes, paired with a Sea Island cotton shirt, will still work this fall, should your travels take you to a warm climate. For an office-friendly look, don an off-white blazer.

Tip 3: Don’t Go Too Casual

Even on casual Friday, those short-sleeve shirts are still a no-no. For a classic, casual look that’s still aggressive, go for a nice cashmere and silk jacket in a royal blue. The patched pockets in the style give it a less formal look. A crisp, white shirt with contrasting light and royal blue stripes is a perfect complement for a blazer.

Tip 4: Work with Stripes

While stripes on gray suits are always a good choice, the classic chalk stripes should be confined to a business environment. On the other hand, more colorful stripes and lines, such as those in a deep purple or strong red, denote a richer look that is not only for board meetings but can also be worn for less formal occasions.

Tip 5: The Blazer is a Must-Have Item for Fall

A blue blazer with very colorful lining, contrasting brown buttons, and an under collar in a bright color is the new uniform of the night. Pair it with your jeans or with a nice gray pair of pants, and you’re ready to roll. Colorful shirts and an extensive usage of colorful accessories such as scarves or pocket squares make this the perfect everyday and weekend look.

Tip 6: Cashmere Always Works

To ward off the crisp autumn air while wearing your tuxedo, there is only one choice: a beautiful herringbone gray cashmere coat. The light three-quarter cashmere coat with velvet collar and a nice back belt is the ideal final touch for any high-class attire. But, of course, it must be worn with a huge cashmere scarf.

Tip 7: Invest in Yourself

Recession or not, it is always important to invest in looking your best. A custom silk suit or blazer, made with the best Super 180’s wool or sparkling summer cashmere, is an asset that you are certain to have for the next 10 years. A custom-made garment in these materials delivers a strong and confident statement. A light shade of gray looks formal during the day and makes a classic statement at night, and it is a color that will always be in style.