Haute Secrets New York: Paul Wilmot

Name: Paul Wilmot

The stats: Born in Elkhart, Ind.; has been living in New York for 30 years.

Why he loves New York: You simply cannot be bored living in New York.

If you want something done with accuracy and prestige, public relations aficionado Paul Wilmot is your man.

With an impressive resume under his belt as one of the most coveted names in fashion publicity, Wilmot launched Paul Wilmot Communications, a company that caters to an array of well-known clients, including M.A.C. Cosmetics, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, The Whitney Museum, and UNICEF, among several others.

Wilmot got his start at mega-brand Calvin Klein in 1985, where he worked as senior vice president for public relations and communications worldwide. He worked directly with Klein and his partner, Barry Schwartz, to elevate the brand into the expansive, household name that we know it as today.

After eight years, Wilmot moved in on another sector of the fashion market by joining Vogue magazine as director of public relations and communications. From there, he climbed the ranks of the publication’s parent company, Conde Nast Publications, where he increased readership and profit.

Paul Wilmot Communications is made up of five divisions: fashion, beauty and wellness, accessories, culture and lifestyle, and special events. The group  currently runs 20 of New York Fashion Week’s front-running shows, proving that Wilmot’s group continues to strut ahead at full speed — in the highest of heels, no less.

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