Haute 100 Update Los Angeles: Philippe Dauman

Our Haute 100 list details the accomplishments of the most influential people in each of our markets—MiamiNew YorkLos Angeles, and San Francisco. These people continue to make moves, so rather than waiting for the next Haute 100 issue to come out, we thought we’d provide you with regular updates on those who are making headlines. The media industry may have taken a big hit, but Philippe Dauman, president and CEO of Viacom, stays at the top as one of the highest-paid executives in the country.

Philippe Dauman

Category: Thinkers

Industry: Film

Company: Viacom

What Made Him Haute: Though he’s been with the company since 1987, serving as CEO during the past two years finally has given him the opportunity to call the big shots.

What Makes Him Haute Now: Netflix announced a multi-year deal, set to begin on Sept. 1, with Viacom-operated Epix. Netflix will have online streaming rights to feature films earlier than it previously had. Another boost for Viacom’s chief executive, Philippe Dauman, is somewhat of a guilty pleasure. Dauman said that the second season of Jersey Shore, which launched last week, drew more than 5 million viewers, creating a scramble for advertisers. The improved advertising market is said to have helped Viacom improve profits 52 percent, posting at $420 million, from second quarter in 2009.