Christopher Guy Launches at Harrods

The internationally renowned and luxury furniture brand, Christopher Guy, will be displaying its collection over 2,000 square feet at the world’s most luxurious department store.

The timeless and original lifestyle collection features in the world’s finest private homes, luxury hotels, and several Hollywood films, fusing the contemporary with a classic style that looks at home in any global environment.

The variety of original designs are all hand carved and hand finished to order by a team of skilled master craftsmen with the added option of an unlimited selection of upholstery fabric and colour choices.

The face behind the name, Christopher Guy, draws from his international experiences of being born in Britain, raised in Spain and France and now living in Singapore.

Believing that a room is about a dialogue that creates an ambiance out of individual elements, tradition holds conversation with the contemporary in Christopher Guy’s harmonious designs. “In every culture, decorative heirlooms define a nation in much the same was as its music, poets and writers do,” says Christopher.

The Harrods’ Collection is made up of a mixture of both classic and dramatic pieces, with large oversized statement seating and mirrors measuring up to a sizeable 3.5 meters high.

Keeping in tune with the latest trends, Christopher Guy’s Harrods collection has taken influence from Alice in Wonderland by playing with oversized and whimsical creations, with chairs that are big enough to seat two.

Other areas of the large display include masculine and feminine themed lobbies, living areas, lavish dining rooms, offices and bedrooms.