How Old Is The Queen?

The Queen’s age is the most commonly asked question on the Internet according to search engine Ask Jeeves.

At the same time, Internet users are breaking one of the last, very British, social taboos: asking a person’s age.

With two birthdays, her ‘real’ birthday which is celebrated in private on April 21 and her sovereign birthday, a public ceremony held on a Sunday in June, our Ma’am is the subject of more online inquiries about her age than any Hollywood star, teen idol, or pop star.

She beats inquires for the ages of celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Cheryl Cole, Zac Efron, and Lady Gaga according to a report from the site.

With the Queen looking younger than her age, Britons are surprised to learn she is a sprightly 84.

None of your business

Internet search engine Ask Jeeves said one in three questions it receives about famous people relate to their age.

Nadia Kelly, a spokesman for the question and answer website, said: “The celebrity culture that surrounds people has made everyone much nosier. “There was a time when you would never dare ask a lady her age — now people ask the Internet instead.”

At number three on the age-related list is teenage celebrity crooner Justin Bieber who is just 16 despite his high profile. At five is pop star Lady Gaga, whose wacky stage outfits ensure that her 24 years are often heavily disguised.

At number nine is U.S. actress and singer-songwriter Selena Gomez, 18, who is a hit with millions of teenage Internet users after her album successes.

Cheryl Cole, 27, is at number 10 as fans want to know her age as she gets over her malaria scare.

Nadia Kelly said: “One in three of the celebrity related questions we get at Ask Jeeves is about someone’s age. It seems it is something nearly everyone is obsessed by. The web has made it incredibly hard for the rich and famous to keep secrets about their personal life. Despite the popularity of cosmetic surgery among celebrities trying to stay young, it seems their age is one thing they can no longer disguise.”