Shining a Spotlight on BloomSpot

These days you can’t surf the web without running into advertisements for group buying sites. It seems like every day a new website is popping up, offering you deals on local stores, restaurants and beyond with just a click of a button. Through the sea of social buying bargains, there is one site who aims a bit higher than the rest.

BloomSpot is a San Francisco based company intended to target the upscale niche of products and services. Offers range from deals at elegant restaurants, to lavish spa services, and even the occasional weekend getaway package. While they aim to provide only the most premium of offers, they also endeavor to obtain affluent clientele. The company’s main goal is to help establish a new base of high end patrons for their clients, while providing their customers with new and enriching local experiences.

Also unlike other group buy sites, BloomSpot limits not only the window of time a product or service can be purchased, but also the amount of inventory that is available. This ensures an exclusive experience at a special price to a select number of members.  Some of their top selling deals in San Francisco have been tickets to Oyster Fest and the Angel Island Wine Festival along with deal for cupcakes from That Takes the Cake.

What really sets this company apart is their commitment to the communities they serve. Through their new program, Community Circles, BloomSpot is able to connect the purchasing power of their users to local nonprofit organizations. Once a member selects to sign up for a Community Circle, a portion of their purchases is donated to the selected non-profit of their choice. In the month of July alone they raised over $7,500 for charity.

Though BloomSpot is currently only available in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles their travel deals may even catch the eyes of citizens in other cities. Sign up is free for all members, so make sure to join today. To learn more about their Community Circles program, visit