Give Him an Aerial Adventure with Fighter Combat International

Ladies, we just found the perfect gift for the guy in your life — an aviation adventure package with Fighter Combat International at their 25,000-square-foot facility in Mesa. Choose from air combat missions, aerobatic flying and fighter jet-like ride experiences. No previous aviation experience is necessary, and every package can be fully customized according to the client’s preferences.

We think his blood is sure to get pumping with the half-day introduction to air combat maneuvering ($755), where he’ll learn the basics and even get up to 30 minutes of flight time (he’ll control the plane!) in an Extra 300L Aerobatic Aircraft. Your man will be fully briefed on tactics before he and his flight instructor take to the skies in a formation take-off in order to practice advanced handling and weapons usage.

Then he’ll get to put all his new knowledge to the test in a “Check Six!,” flying 5 g-pulling air combat engagements against an opponent in a follow-the-leader kind of encounter that ends in a three-dimensional smoke chase. For the grand finale, he’ll make a high-speed, low-altitude pass down the runway to show off for you and any other friends or family who have been watching from the observation deck. And the best part? He’ll take a part of his experience home with him in the form of a multiple-view video. And if he wants to take home his leather call sign and flight gear, that will be available for purchase.

Other air combat packages include an advanced combat mission ($1,055), which is the same as the introduction package, but with the addition of three scored competition engagements and unlimited aerobatics, as well as two-day and five-day packages that provide a combination of combat and aerobatic experiences (see site for rates).

Book it. We’re sure he’ll just flip.

Fighter Combat International is located at 5865 S. Sossaman Road in Mesa  480.279.1881