Ruxbin: Non-Fusion, Fusion

When patrons are giving the bathroom rave reviews, you know a restaurant’s on to something. Intriguingly disguised as a darkroom and wallpapered in concert posters and cook book pages, the thrift store chic design is just one standout element of the newly delectable little BYO establishment, Ruxbin.

Mixing a rubix cube of flavors that include Mexican, Korean, and French influences in a way that makes sense rather than forced fusion is how Ruxbin Kitchen, a new hotspot getting four star reviews identifies itself. Described affectionately as “New American” cuisine, Ruxbin, located on the UK Village, West Town and Noble Square border (another crossover) has set the stage to be one of the best new spots of the year.

Owned by first time restaurateurs and siblings Vicki Kim and Chef Edward Kim and their childhood friend Jenny Kim, Chef Edward was classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu and brings a refreshing global taste to the mixed hood. Menu standouts include the K-town empanadas and homemade kimchi, plus as a little bonus, the micro greens and fresh herbs are grown in house.

To celebrate their July 1 opening, all profits from the opening day will go to the Nutrition & Education International Foundation to help alleviate malnutrition through soybean cultivation so feel good gorging for a cause.

Nice, kitschy and charitable. And yes, your chair may be made out of seat belts and old leather jackets so if you get the sudden urge to grab a Harley, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

851 N. Ashland Ave. 312.624.8509.