Moth Eaten at the Design District’s Coolest Hangout

With a name like Meddlesome Moth, there better be good drinks and grub to counterbalance the not-so-appetizing christening. Luckily, the Moth supplies these as well as a cozy gastro-pub ambiance and an incredible beer selection to boot.

The first thing you’ll see when you venture into the Moth, at the corner of Oak Lawn and Hi-Line, are three large stained glass portraits of Chuck Berry, Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis, back-lit and slanted above a few tables in the back of the restaurant. These were in storage after the old Hard Rock Cafe place on McKinney Ave shut down, retiring all their cool deco that hung in the old church they revamped. Luckily, Moth owner Shannon Wynne knew about these items, and rescued them from public storage oblivion.

Another awesome interior bonus: the hodgepodge of tile flooring spaced out around the place, stone and terracotta and granite, the sample flooring from the old Ann Sacks Tile store, what used to be in the space before they moved across the street. The folks at the Moth decided to keep the floor as is, giving a respectful throwback to the location’s history.

Which, as a matter of fact, is quite interesting. The area in which The Moth resides, which used to be the swamp area of the Trinity River,  is still considered “dry”, an archaic rule still in effect since the Prohibition and one which they hope will be outlawed come October (hint hint, registered voters.) So, this is still considered a private club. Don’t worry, just flask your Unicard at the door.

Did I mention the food? Nowhere in Dallas will you have such a random selection of delectable greats. Lamb Meat Pies, Oxtail-Stuffed Calamari, Prince Edward Island Mussels with your choice of dressings, and then there’s the Moth Balls, a secret recipe that involves aging ricotta cheese three days, using a process that naturally forms a sort of gnocchi around it, tossing it in brown butter and fried sage and served up hot. Add to this a wide assortment of 40 draft beers and 75 bottles, made up of superb Ales, IPA’s, Lambics, Barley Wines, Meads and more, and you’ve got yourself an all-night gorge fest.

Like a moth to a flame, right?