Lisa Pliner’s Take On Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Miami-born and current fixture on the south Florida social scene, few have their finger on the pulse of Miami more than Lisa Pliner, creative director for Donald J Pliner. And it’s no wonder considering the first Donald J Pliner concept store was established in the Aventura Mall. In light of all the swimwear, we decided to get this footwear extraordinare’s take on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and style predictions for the upcoming season.

HL: What shows stood out to you at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim?
LP: Although I went to quite a few shoes during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, it was nice to see that all the designers each had there own individual style. I loved Trina Turk’s beautiful color palette and the fact that her line had something for women of all ages. Her cover-ups were fabulous. I would wear them out at night! Ed Hardy and True Religion had a rock n’ roll vibe, that I thought was really fun. Poko Pano featured exciting prints and soft colors. I also loved that they were rocking Lisa Pliner footwear! Red Carter was theatrical and all about accessories. The suits were designed to fit so many different women and it made me think of the south of France.

HL: What trends do you see making it off the Miami runway and onto the sidewalk (so to speak) this season?
LP: Women want to be seen. It’s all about the bling, lots of studs and stones. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of ornamentation this season.

HL: As do I. Speaking of of ornamentation, I love the Shiloh wedge and think it’s great with beachwear. Is there a particular shoe you love pairing with beachwear?
LP:  You’ll see me in a variety of Donald J Pliner and Lisa Pliner flats. Something with stones and fun!

HL: You always look fabulous and every woman in Miami could certainly learn a thing or two from you. What are the must-haves for every fashionista in Miami?
LP: Every Miami woman needs a great pair of shoes and sunglasses.

HL: Well put. Describe your style.
LP: I have a very unique style. It is always changing. I can be very classic and stylish one day and bohemian and edgy the next. Everything is done in good taste. I think that when you feel good about yourself it reflects in how you present yourself.

HL: Who are your fashion icons?
LP: My fashion icons are Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch and Cher. I see a little bit of my own style in each of them.

HL: Where do you draw your inspiration when designing?
LP: Fashion can be tricky, especially when it comes to designing footwear. I design my collections by the season. I draw my inspiration from the laid back vibe of Miami for my spring collection and like to head to LA for my inspiration for fall. I also gather a lot of inspiration from my travels and the different cultures and fashions I see every day on the street.

HL: Have your materials changed over the years in terms of weight?
LP: Donald and I try to keep our shoes lightweight for maximum comfort.

HL: What can we expect to see from Donald J Pliner this season?
LP: You’ll see a lot of what Donald J Pliner is known for: high comfort fashion. Donald has a beautiful collection of hand beaded shoes for men and women in amazing colors. I love his new “ocean” blue. It is electrifying! You’ll also see a lot of the animal prints we’ve come to know him for. Donald and I design differently, and my Fall 2010 collection is very rock n’ roll with a lot of earth tones. Spring 2011 is definitely about softer colors and reflects a softer side of me.

HL: What’s in and what’s out this season?
LP: This is a tough question! We really have no seasons with footwear, you will see boots and sandals despite the weather, and history is always repeating itself!