Intimacy — A New Lingerie Store in Century City

We all have oracles for various areas in our lives. Dog whispering? Cesar Milan. Politics? Stephen Colbert. Life coaching? Oprah. But now, where we once ventured alone and in the dark, we find an illuminating guru, unafraid of facing long-enduring demons head on.  The many horrifying afflictions caused by the evildoer known as the bra, from back fat to painful straps, are no match for Susan Nethero — bra enthusiast, aficionado, and true revolutionary.

Once lauded by Oprah (Amen) as the “bra whisperer,” Nethero has trained with the best (in a sweaty movie montage kind of way), not least of which is the official bra fitter to the Queen of England. Now, rather than suffering through the day in some random fabric and wire combination that pokes more than it does support, you can stop into Nethero’s new shop, Intimacy (newly opened at both Century City and South Coast Plaza shopping centers), for custom fittings and some brands you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. With stores in Miami, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, and Boston, you know she’s got the skinny on what fits any and every sized lady.  The girls she’s recruited for her shops know everything there is to know about making sure that your girls are well taken care of.

The experience couldn’t be more comfortable, nurturing, luxurious, or fun – from the moment you step into the shop, which is outfitted (as you may imagine) with colorful, frilly, lacy things, you’re made to feel quite at home and not the least bit aware that you’ve been topless for 30 minutes. You’ll see yourself in a whole new light in a bright blue lace bra made by Aubade or a black, silky number from Chantelle – a discovery of cleavage often goes hand-in-hand with a new level of confidence.

The price tags aren’t small, by any means. However, when you consider that they custom tailor each bra (for free) to your precise measurements, it’s a small price to pay for couture lingerie. Reservations to be fitted are also free and highly recommended. You’ll walk out of there not only with a new letter and number combination (likely nothing near what you once wore), but with a whole new swagger.  Walking back to your car will be like a debutante ball for your two new best friends.

Intimacy is located across the country, but has three Southern California locations: Century City Shopping Center, 310.734.8598; South Coast Plaza, 657.622.0595; and San Diego’s Fashion Valley, 619.894.8835.