Haute Calorie Burning

What do kissing, laughing, and talking all have in common? Any takers? Do you remember that little rumor in junior high about how they all burn calories? Although this rumor is borderline old wives tale, it is very true. I’m not telling you to run out burn your gym clothes, cancel your gym membership, tote the treadmill out to the trash, and turn into a kissing bandit who cackles at the stupidest joke; rather here are some fun things that  do indeed burn a few extra calories a day.

Eat breakfast: I know somewhere along the line some idiot started a stupid rumor that not eating breakfast was what all the cool kids were doing, and I emphasize the word stupid. Well guess what? Your momma was right when she told you it is the most important meal for the day. Breakfast fuels you to start the day off right. When you skip breakfast most likely you end up with such hunger pangs that you gorge yourself, which obviously defeats the whole purpose of what your (stupid) original plan was. By eating breakfast you send your body a message that you are not starving and in turn it will begin to burn fat.

Wear stilettos: Not only do proper ladies wear high heels, but so do the smart ones. Have you ever watched the glamazon sashaying down the runway, a.k.a the sidewalk as you sit in traffic? Her legs are the envy of all women and traffic is backed up because the men in their cars are staring; however, her smirk is not because of the commotion she is causing. She is grinning from ear to ear because she straps those babies on knowing that they tone and shape differently then a flat and are more work to walk in, thus calories in, calories out.

Move briskly: On the days when you give your stems a rest from the stilettos, or perhaps because they are simply not your thing, try walking like you have a purpose in life. In other words, move it or lose it. Everywhere you go try and find the longer route to take and walk like there is a fire you need to put out.

Relax: When your body is tense it releases Cortisol, which causes the body to store more calories in the fat cells especially around the belly. This means hello love handles, muffin top and gut you cannot get rid of. Find your inner Zen by playing music, dancing, singing, doing yoga, and heck, you could even hit the gym. Your waistline will thank you.

Beauty Rest: Skinny people who are healthy eat breakfast and they also sleep. Sleep was not created for any other reason than it is vital in order to survive. Health experts have proven that getting four hours of sleep over a period of time slows your metabolism and they recommend at least seven to nine hours in order to not see this happen.

Laugh: In case you were wondering, your junior high peer was not lying, laughing does indeed burn up to 50 calories after a belly hurting 10- to 15-minute bout of the giggles. My point is that we put so much effort into staying skinny and pumping iron we sometimes forget about the little things in life that matter. Take some time to stop and smell the roses while burning calories. Until next time my friends, visit www.raylenebartolacci.com. To health and wellness, salute.