Haute Real Estate News: A new kid on the block at 1280 Fifth Avenue

Remember when you first learned the difference between a tulip leaf and an oak, limestone and slate in Montessori or grade school? It was a precious time of unadulterated fascination, void of societal influences or money, but rather the elements and the raw materials in terms of texture, shape and color that piqued and held our interest.

James Beard Award Winning architect Andre Kikoski latest project, the interiors of 1280 Fifth Avenue, is an astounding culmination of the raw essence of materials, a chic Fifth avenue address, eco-friendly and ultimate luxury. All wrapped up and smoothly presented as living spaces to easily accommodate contemporary life. A place to call home, nestled in the upper right corner of Central Park.

*Model Apartment, Andre Kikoski in collaboration with Ligne Roset*

“The extraordinary beauty of the Central Park landscape is truly inspiring,” says Kikoski. “There’s a playfulness and simplicity to the organic textures of Frederick Law Olmstead’s Harlem Meer, which is right outside the front door. Our work at 1280 Fifth is an abstraction of those enchanting and elegant qualities, reinterpreted in a contemporary idiom.”

* View of Frederick Law Olmstead’s Harlem Meer from 1280 Fifth*

Andre Kikoski has brought the outside in, quite literally, at 1280 Fifth Avenue, the twenty one-story, 165,000 square foot residential tower (by Robert A.M. Stern) over the Musuem for African Art. Upon a neutral palette, materials of the apartment interiors include American black walnut, teak wood, limestone, abalone shell tile, Venetian glass and cyprus wood.

*Model Apartment, Andre Kikoski in collaboration with Ligne Roset*

And as for the view, Andre Kikoski said during an intimate private press tour, “It’s not often that you get this kind of view. For us that’s really where it begins and ends. No matter which view you have from the building it’s a quintessential urban view.”

*View from 1280 Fifth*

I encourage you to see for yourself and visit the model homes, which have been furnished by French firm Linge Roset.  There are four and they range in color and mood, and one of which might certainly inspire you to take a new residence on Fifth Avenue.

Pricing: Alcove Studios from $723,900, 1 Bedrooms from $828,935, 2 Bedrooms from $1,379,400, 3 Bedrooms from $1,602,504

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