Haute 100 New York Update: Alicia Keys

Alicia Keyes

Category: Entertainer

Industry: Music

What Made Them Haute: Aside from winning nine Grammy Awards and being the first female to debut an MTV Unplugged album at No. 1, she also won the 2009 BET Humanitarian Award for her work on in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

What Makes Them Haute Now: You have to be really haute to be invited to perform at the 2010 World Cup concert. Alicia Keys joined Shakira and the Black Eyed Peas in delighting 40,000 people in Soweto, not to mention Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the one and only Nelson Mandela. At this time Keys is pregnant with Swizz Beatz’s baby, a multi-talented artist and United Nation’s Ambassador for World Peace. When they’re not making whoopee, they’re making a “Million Dollar Bill,” one of the songs on Whitney Houston’s seventh studio album. This special project required the OK from haute record-producer Clive Davis.