Geneva’s Own Entrecote Café de Paris in Dubai

Tucked away on the ground floor of the Al Khaleej Palace Hotel in Deira is Geneva’s very own Entrecote Café de Paris. The Geneva franchise has offered the world renowned Salad, Steak and French Fries with their specialty sauce menu since 1930 and you can now revel in the experience here in Dubai.

Most of us don’t usually venture into Deira, Dubai’s old center, unless we have to. But more and more we are finding this area filled with lovely and elegant restaurants worth the venture. Entrecote Café de Paris is one of them.

One thing for sure is that you will love the steak. The recipe for the famous entrecote steak sauce was first discovered by Madame Boubier in 1930 and it has been a hit ever since. Only few know the secret ingredients to make the sauce with a few chefs in the Deira restaurant now included.

Albeit the positioning of the restaurant in the soon-to-be considered ancient Al Khaleej Palace Hotel, the interior of Entrecote Cafe de Paris holds a French charm. Dark wood paneling with dimly-lit cases of wine aligning the walls and waitresses dressed like French maids make this place cozy and romantic. This is a restaurant where you can relax French style passing the hours away while sipping on red wine, conversing and relishing in delicious food.

Entrecote Café de Paris Al Khaleej Palace Hotel Deira 04 223 1000