Lady Gaga Brings Her Monster Ball Tour to Phoenix

An official act of Congress may have named tomorrow America’s first National Dance Day, but here in Phoenix, tomorrow will be unofficially Lady Gaga Day.

Lady Gaga, and all her “little monsters” who were lucky enough to snatch tickets for the sold-out show, will be raising hell tomorrow night at the US Airways Center downtown. We imagine the freaky-deaky costumes will be outdone only by the screaming of all her loyal fans.

And because we just know you’re wondering how a celeb the likes of Mother Monster does Phoenix, we’re here to provide the details.

Where she’s staying: Rumor has it, The Gaga has chosen to grace The Boulders Resort in Carefree with her presence – a great choice, too, considering the picture-perfect Southwest-style resort (by acclaimed Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts) is private and far removed from town. And Miss Gaga needs her rest, you know.

A photo of Lady Gaga in Arizona, which she posted to Twitter on July 29.

What she’s eating: We haven’t heard rumors of Lady Gaga venturing into town to sample any of the city’s fine cuisine, however, on July 29, she tweeted:

“Days off in the AZ Desert: Cactus fashion + Tequila. Can’t make me take off my leather, I would rather faint and die of glamour.”

… so presumably, whatever she’s been noshing on, there’s been some fiery agave juice to go right along with it. (We just hope not too much, as it looks like a fall in those heelless platforms could be pretty serious.)

Also, Arrowhead Grill, a restaurant in Glendale, has renamed its signature burger the Lady Gaga Burger for the weekend, and owner Charles Schwerd has said every patron’s burger will be on the house in the event the fashion phenom herself makes an appearance. Charles, we’ll cross our fingers for you.

Where she’s partying: Word on the street is that Lady Gaga may hit the party scene post-concert. Semi Precious Weapons, the artist’s opening band, is scheduled to DJ a party that night at Scottsdale’s Forbidden, and Gaga’s close friend and collaborator, DJ Lady Starlight, is said to be planning to attend. It’s possible Gaga will step out with Starlight following her show, and if you want to be there in hopes of an encounter with the Queen Monster, cover will be $10 to $15 with your Lady Gaga concert ticket stub, $30 for VIP access.

Haute Living will see you at the concert and after-party! (P.S. Wear something outrageous!)