Dori’s World: Dinner at Kenmare and the Last Boom at The Standard Hotel

Last night was such a fun reunion of great friends. First I had a quiet dinner at Kenmare in Little Italy with Serena Boardman, Denise Kaufman and John Theo. Serena and John just returned from a three-week trip to Europe.

Then I was off to the Last Boom of the summer at The Standard Hotel. Alex von Furstenberg, Topper Mortimer, Charlie Walk, Atilio Brillembourg, Kiera Chaplin, Sarah Howard, Henry Stimler, Coby Levy, Bonnie Morrison, Elisa Lipsky, Emily Holt, Vanessa Lawrence, Andy Smith, Patrick McMullan, Pippa Cohen, Adam Lippes, Jake Deutsch and Tico Mugrabi were there. The crowd was booming at Boom Boom thanks to André Balazs and Joey Jalleo.