Diamond Girl: Ivanka Trump Previews Her 2010 Collection at London Jewelry in East Hampton

The next generation in the savvy bloodline of Trumps has taken the world by storm. Ivanka Trump — businesswoman, socialite, heiress and fashion model — is trumping the jewelry market. Reinventing elegance, Ivanka reflects her personal standard of style in her designs, bringing a return of romance to women’s adornment.

A sign of timeless glamour, Ivanka’s 2010 collection symbolizes new tradition, much mirroring her present life and future. Each piece is inspired by the poise of fashion’s most celebrated eras.

Walk into Ivanka’s world of luxury lifestyle and brilliant vision at a champagne reception on Thursday, July 1, from 6 to 8 p.m. Clink flutes with Ivanka Trump herself and preview her 2010 collection of striking bijoux at London Jewelers in East Hampton.

Youthful, refreshed elegance sparkles from her fine pieces in a spectrum of prices. Ivanka takes a modern twist on classic and unique elements from the 1920s to the 1960s. Appealing to women who are looking to invest in an heirloom-chic collection of fresher designs, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry is updated, sophisticated and completely value-oriented rocking tradition by paying homage to the past while embracing a new sensibility of the future.

Ivanka’s line holds a commitment to exquisite workmanship and gemstones of the highest quality. Her partnership with Dynamic Diamond Corp., one of the largest full-service diamond manufacturers in the United States, has allowed for Ivanka’s diamond visions to come to fruition and spread on a global level. Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry uses only the finest materials, using the most extraordinary gemstones available in the world. Bright, bold, memorable, whether referring to Ivanka or her jewelry collection, the words fit the bill.

Turn heads, capture a room or make a silent statement, whatever your signature style, an Ivanka Trump gem makes an enduring statement.

London Jewelers, 2 Main St., East Hampton, N.Y., 631.329.3939