Amazon Premieres New Kindles

Amazon has announced the release of their third generation Kindle models. The new design improves the product by reducing the size by 20 percent and the weight by 15 percent, while still maintaining the 6-inch reading screen. Amazon has also improved the text-to-screen contrast by 50 percent. With enhanced battery life, a single charge (with Wi-Fi disabled) can last you up to one month of use. In addition, this generation boasts double the storage (which can carry up to 3,500 books), 20 percent faster page turns for more seamless reading, and an enhanced PDF reader. The Kindle also features such great tools as a point-and-click dictionary and text-to-speech turning your books audio.

The Kindle now comes in two versions, the Kindle and Kindle Wi-Fi. While the full version Kindle is priced at $189, the Wi-Fi-only version has a price point of only $139. The main differences between the two are the free 3G capacity and global wireless coverage. While the $189 version has these added features, the $139 version does not. In addition, the Kindle Wi-Fi is available in graphite only, while the Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi has a white option as well.

Kindle aims to have some e-reader advantages over the iPad. For example, unlike an LCD screens, the Kindle can be as easily read in sunlight as it would be indoors. In the wake controversy over the iPad’s overheating issue, the Kindle claims to never get hot, making the device comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

Both versions of the third generation Kindle, are available for purchase at They are currently set for pre-order only and will ship on August 27, 2010.