Want to get out of L.A. to relax? Try a little time at Viva Mayr

The hills may be alive with the Sound of Music somewhere around here, but at Viva Mayr it’s all about what you eat and how you eat it. Located on beautiful Lake Worthersee in Austria, Viva Mayr, the Center for Modern Medicine is not your standard spa. This is more akin to one of those places where people used to go to “take the waters for their health.”

Dr. Stossier, the head physician, is here to help you clear your chronic ills — whether they are allergies, diabetes or just stress. Daily massages, hydrobaths and sitting by that glorious lake are all part of the therapy. Some people stay for up to three weeks.

The reasons this locale is perfect for every Hollywoodian celeb and mogul this side of the West Coast is twofold: First of all, it’s remote.

The closest major city is Vienna, and that is hours by car. The views are glorious here, the land is lush, and the water is serene. What’s more, there are no paparazzi allowed anywhere near the spa – not that they could even find it. Because of that, you’ll find yourself sitting in your bathrobe (yes, everyone pretty much just lounges around in white Viva robes throughout the day) with members of British aristocracy, shipping magnates, and the occasional prolific artist.

Secondly, there’s the diet, aptly called “The Cure.”

Every morning starts with drinking Epsom salts (yes, the ones you usually put in your bath) to cleanse your stomach, where Dr. Stossier (a disciple of Dr. Franz X. Mayr) believes the majority of our health issues come from. Then it’s off to designated meals predetermined by your doctor after your first meeting which are served at specific times – meaning, you snooze, you lose…and believe me, there is a lot of losing to be had here, especially when it comes to weight. This is by no means a frou-frou pampering spa; Viva Mayr is the place you come to detox, destress, and chill out. After a couple of days of headaches (usually from caffeine withdrawal) you’ll witness a miracle: You feel normal. And by normal I mean healthy. Your skin is better. You have little spring in your step, and you’re even thinking a little clearer.

After a couple of weeks you may be sick of soup (which is pretty much what’s served every night for dinner) but you’ll be a much better person for it.

For more info, go to: www.viva-mayr.com.