School’s Out: The Haute 5 Graduation Gifts in Chicago

Aaah college. The time when fresh-faced, eager young graduates, full of vigor and zealousness to start their careers and hit the fast track to CEO-dom emerge into society. Let’s all take a minute to reflect on what to give these future entrepreneurs to help shape their bright futures and set them on the right path to success. What to get the young adult who has everything?

Travel Provides Life Experience Beyond the Resume

Travel provides life experience unmatched by any classroom. Give the gift of a lifetime memory: living with peers and embracing other religions, histories, societies and cultures. A grad Eurotrip would provide great talking points during interviews and demonstrate independence and curiosity for the global community.

Find a Trip Here

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls are one of the most timeless pieces of jewelry and truly put the finishing touch on any ensemble. This piece, appropriately named “chameleon pearls” is sure to dress up any outfit to showcase you in your best light to potential clients or work associates.

Bourdage Pearls, 3530 N. Southport, Chicago.

Watch This

You know what they say, the right accessory makes the man. A hot little timepiece is an empowering finishing touch that says, I’m here, I take pride in my appearance, and my personal brand is a direct reflection on my work for your company.

New York Jewelers‎, 11 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago.

For the Tech Lover

They probably already have a Mac, but an iPad says “I’m current and up with pop culture.” Forget paper, how savvy do you look rolling in with your resume on screen and being able to pull up your portfolio at the touch of a button? This is interviewing 2.0.

Apple, 679 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago.

Personalize Your Look

What better way than to stock up on business casual than with a personal shopper set to make it her mission to make you look as hot as possible? What a way to be pampered and ready to take on the world.  Time is money after all, and that’s a valuable lesson to learn at a young age.

Bloomingdales Personal Shoppers, 900 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago.