Haute Dining SF: BIX, A Place to Impress Your Clients

BIX has been on my personal list of restaurants-to-try for quite some time now. The difficult thing about dining mid-day at BIX is that they are only open for lunch on Fridays. I finally snagged myself a reservation with a few of my co-workers and was excited to finally be able to check it out.

The restaurant is in a bit of a bizarre location. We actually passed the small Gold Street alley two times before we found it. The attire for BIX is definitely business casual and you’d feel underdressed otherwise. The restaurant itself is gorgeous. It’s has a very 1930’s feel, but doesn’t feel outdated. It is a two-story building with a mahogany bar and extravagant pillars. The entire restaurant is open and spacious and boasts a large vaulted ceiling trimmed in obtuse crown molding. The entire restaurant is in covered in unique art, including a large mural behind the bar. Unfortunately, I was seated directly facing one of the only hideous pieces of art in the entire establishment. It depicts a disturbing painting of a clown getting frisky with a ballerina. I have a feeling it will be giving me nightmares.

The menu was difficult to choose from, which is a good sign, because everything sounded appetizing. I settled on ordering the “BIX Fixe” which is a choice of white corn soup or hearts of romaine salad with an entrée of chicken hash à la BIX or petrale sole. I decided to go with the soup and sole. In addition, I splurged a little since it was Friday and also ordered the truffle cheese and sweet onion croques to start. The croques were absolutely mouth-watering. They are reminiscent of upscale grilled cheese sandwiches. Next I received the white corn soup which was served with potatoes, bacon, thyme and Calabrian chili oil. The soup was very satisfying and would be fantastic on a cold winter day. Petrale sole is on of my favorite fish and I literally ate every bit off the plate. It was served with butterbeans, roasted squash, tomatoes and basil. The “BIX Fixe” was a great choice for a nicely assembled and delicious meal.

BIX prides itself on it’s tradition of jazz and has performers seven nights a week. They vary from jazz trios, jazz pianists, and even jazz singers. Though I didn’t get the pleasure to try one, BIX is also well known for their satisfying cocktails. They have even recently come out with a book tilted Bixology: Cocktails, Culture and a Guide to the Good Life. It provides advice on cocktails, food, and music from the proprietor of BIX, Doug “Bix” Biederbeck. I will definitely be coming back, probably for dinner to try some more delectable cuisine and a famous cocktail or two, while listening to some smooth jazz. I may request to sit away from the clown painting though.

BIX is located at 56 Gold St., San Francisco.  For reservations call 415.433.6300 or visit www.bixrestaurant.com.