Grateful Palate Popped the Cork at Grand Opening Celebration

Grateful Palate is a family-owned and operated wine bar and lounge in South Florida, offering a vast selection of wines that take your taste buds on an international expedition, while never having to leave your seat. The renowned establishment recently renovated their venue, expanding its facility to boast two main guest areas: a wine lounge spacious enough for 40 guests, as well as a full service restaurant serving up to 50 diners.

In celebration of Grateful Palate’s new look, over 150 guests joined owner Meghan Leckey McIntyre and the McIntyre family for an extravagant affair featuring complimentary fine wines, select champagnes, divine menu tasting, and live entertainment. The once gourmet deli now resembles an upscale lounge accented with elegant decor, dark tones, and mood lighting for any chic and classy event.

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