Givenchy Shuns Runway for Fall 2010 Haute Couture

Couture. A word so elusive and exclusive that it seems only the anointed few (and those few being the very rich) can afford to purchase it while the rest of us admire it from afar. So how could it get even more exclusive you ask? If you’re Riccardi Tisci -the Italian designer credited with bringing a gothic undertone and modern elegance to the esteemed French fashion house, Givenchy as creative director and couturier, you take it off the runway and into presentation form. During Paris Haute Couture week in July 2010, Tisci plans to hold an intimate showing with emphasis on evening wear and surprisingly, a lack of the color black in his collection for select editors and private clients. When pressed as to whether the presentation was a response to keep costs down, Tisci insists his show which will include top models Lara Stone and Mariacarla Boscano and a visual lookbook by renowned photographer Willy Vanderperre will cost about 35% more than a traditional runway show.

Givenchy is owned by luxury goods conglomerate LVMH and has received consistent critical and commercial success under the guidance of Tisci since he signed on back in 2005.