Fine and Discrete Dining: A Personal Sushi Chef in Your Own Home

Finding good sushi in London is very much a personal and secretive mission. Everyone has a favorite place but keen as they are to recommend it to close family and friends, there is always that hope that it won’t become too well known or too overrun with the masses.

You see, behind each perfect dish of sushi is the perfect sushi chef. Finding one is very much like finding the perfect hairdresser. It’s a relationship that develops with time and once you’ve found one, a confidant to talk with over courses of your favorite sushi—your preference of which he knows almost better than yourself—you don’t let him go.

Rather than scour each and every sushi bar in London, there is another option to getting on first name terms with some of the city’s most skilled sushi chefs. For the truly exclusive and personal of sushi dinners, diners are now able to invite sushi chefs into their homes. Chefs discreetly perform in front of guests and even giving the chance to learn the skills at the same time.

It’s all the brainchild of the innovative Your Sushi. The company offers a range of options for sushi fans to get close to illusive sushi chefs from private home performances and lessons to onsite sushi making crash courses. Chefs are professional and true to Japanese traditional learning methods, each acquired their understanding of sushi through years of teachings from older Japanese sushi chefs.

Three hours spent with chef Emmanuel Letellier will see you knowing how to chose to freshest of seaweed, designing sushi rolls with color coordinated vegetables and fish, learning the history of sushi from Japan, and even breaking traditionally strict by adding internationally-inspired fillings sushi as blue cheese and fig. Trust me, you just have to try this combination to understand.

Should you be worried about the French chef’s understanding of this truly Japanese iconic food, Emmanuel began training as a child with a local Japanese chef who was eager to pass on his knowledge—years before the rest of Europe caught on to the sushi trend. As someone that lived in Japan for seven years, I can confirm that this energetic and charismatic chef truly knows sushi better than most Japanese.

And like sushi, organizing for your own private chef is really a simple concept. Chefs arrive at your home with everything needed to make an evening’s course of sushi for you and your guests. You treat the rice, you cut fish, you roll, you talk, you learn and you eat.

Guaranteed, your home will become the most fun and intimate sushi bar in London, if only for one night.

For more information on the organizing a private sushi chef and lesson in your home see: or call 0207 3287 2299