Beyond Pilates Comes to Dallas with the World’s First “Megaformer” Machine

Like many Hollywood fads, the Megaformer is intimidating and looks really, really expensive. The newest evolution of Sebastien’s Lagree’s SPX machine series, the Megaformer is sort of like the traditional Pilates reformer ‘roided up and blinged out. So when you walk in to the brand new Beyond Pilates studio that opened on Lovers Lane this week, try not to panic.

This is, after all, the world premiere of these little beauties, which at first glance look eerily similar to  some sort of Medieval torture device. But once the fast-paced, intense 50-minute workout begins, you’ll realize pretty quickly that, well, perhaps you weren’t far off on your initial assessment.

Only kidding. While the proclaimed “Total Body Confusion” that Beyond Pilates dishes out on the Megaformer is definitely a challenge, you’ll find the strengthening and toning benefits of this exercise more than beneficial. Just ask the array of hot celebs that can attribute their cover-ready bods to the revolutionary program,  à la Brooke Burke, Denise Richards and Ali Larter.

Beyond Pilates Dallas owner Brandi Marino actually worked on the Megaformer with Lagree. A former California personal trainer, Marino says that Dallas was a natural place to bring the Los Angeles fitness craze. “I noticed a gap in the market for Pilates here,” says Marino, who moved here seven months ago. Along with fellow Californian Bethany Meyers and their mascot terrier mix Lily, Marino is determined to make the SPX experience accessible and affordable to practioners, in stark contrast to the typical one-on-one Pilates instruction offered by other locations.

“The group aspect is really important,” emphasizes Marino. “One day you’ll be the energetic one helping everyone else get through class, and the next time you’ll need that extra push to get it done.”

You can try out Beyond Pilates once with their “Teaser” plan, become a “Fan” with a two-week trial, a “Groupie” with up to 20 sessions and an “Addict” for unlimited month-to-month classes. Also check out their Beyond Barr class, a ballet-inspired workout designed to help you reshape your legs and abdomen area to create a long, lean “dancer” body.

For more info or to sign up, call 214-363-4607 or visit